Time to bring out the white kicks!

It’s spring! The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is getting warmer. You know what that means? It’s time to bring out the white kicks! Yes, its finally nice enough you don’t have to worry about getting your white sneaker dirty.

So lets talk about white sneakers. I love the way a clean pair of white sneakers look with jeans or jogger. They really do match with everything and they look fresh. In the past, I was hesitate to purchase white sneakers because they are hard to keep clean, and I thought white shoes attracted to much attention to myself. To be honest, I was never in “style” and I was always self conscious about what I wore. I never wanted people to critique me for what I wore. I went for what was comfortable. But nowadays, I don’t care what people think. I wear what I want. And coincidentally, athleisure is huge trend right now! And it makes shopping so much more fun.

Anyways, lets talk about a recent purchase. I brought my first pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star! And yes, they are white! These are All Star II, so they came with the Nike Lunarlon insole. And they make a huge difference in terms of comfort. Now, I haven’t wore them for a long period, but just standing in them, I can tell I can wear these the whole day without them bothering me. Also, I noticed that they Chucks II have a slightly better liner than the originals. They have a suede-like perforated liner along the back of the heel, which is soft to the touch, whereas the originals chucks are just canvas. In addition, the canvas is supposedly reinforced for increased durability.  Everything else is pretty much the same as the originals.


Now, I would like to compare them with my Keds. I realize they look different, but in my opinion, with my style of clothing, I could swap out Keds for Chucks and vice versa. Keds were my “go to” pair of shoes. They were simple and low profile, and I wore them more then I should have. They have absolutely zero support, but my feet never hurt in them. However, with the Chucks having Lunarlon insoles in them, I will be wearing my Chucks more often. This is the main reason why I brought them. I needed something that I knew was going to be better for my feet (I know, they are even better options out there in terms of support and comfort).

Anyways, I’m happy I got a pair of Chuck Taylors. I’ll probably end up buying another colorway for those not so nice days. Maybe one with Shield canvas so my feet don’t get wet on those rainy days. Leave a comment and tell me what color I should get next! Thanks for reading!



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